Traffic optimization

How can I optimize data sharing across all of the sites of my network?

Epsilon is an interim company. The head offices are in Brussels and it has a network of some ten agencies. Each morning the computers in each of the agencies connect via internet to the server in the head office in order to download the emails and files that have been updated overnight. This sudden peak in traffic dramatically slows down the connection speed, due to the fact that all of this information is going through the same «pipe», connecting the company server to the internet, at the same time. This means that the agency staff waste considerable valuable time every day.

Type of client


What can Perceval offer?

Each agency will now be connected to the internet via Perceval. In addition, a virtual server storing a regularly updated copy of the files from the Epsilon central server will be installed at Perceval. It is this server that will send the data to the different agencies, thus ensuring that they each have their own fast, secure «pipe».