How can we offer all of our clients rapid, secure access to the documents that are relevant to them?

Tau is a property management firm specializing in rental property management. The company manages a group of buildings housing rental space in Brussels on behalf of its clients. In order to facilitate communication with clients and tenants, it would like to put all of the documents relating to the management of the buildings and appartments online: lease contracts, inventories (with photos), meter readings, progress reports on work being carried out and maintenance work, surveyors reports, etc.

Type of client

Document management

What can Perceval offer?

Perceval can set up a secure platform which allows :

  • owners to consult all the documents relating to the management of their properties
  • tenants to consult all the documents relating to their rental agreement
  • real estate agents to enter the exit and entry inventories on line, and to attach photos
  • subcontractors to access their work instructions and to enter their reports

A password access control allows the read and write access to be configured on a case by case basis for each person concerned.