How can I have a secure, efficient intranet set up?

Alpha Delta is a pharmaceutical laboratory. The company would like to create an intranet that would enable each department to group together the reference material and the work documents necessary for it to function.

Type of client

Any business

What can Perceval offer?

Perceval installs a secure intranet in the company. The users can connect to it using a unique access code. The profile of each user and his rights (access, modifications, save status, read only) are determined by the Alpha Delta network managers. Each department has its own secure space where the users can share their documents, create discussion forums for each project and consult the reference documents and scientific publications that they need. In order to minimize the risk of data loss, all the files created by the users are now saved directly on the Alpha Delta servers. For increased security, all of this data is encrypted and copied at regular intervals onto a Ā«backupĀ» server installed at Perceval.