Service extension

Can I add new functionalities to the system that Perceval has developed for my company?

Specializing in the short term rental of offices and meeting rooms, the Zeta company asked Perceval to develop a simple internet site that would allow its clients to check on the availability of the premises. Zeta would now like to offer its clients an online reservation tool.

Type of client

Any business

What can Perceval offer?

Each system conceived by Perceval is the result of the bringing together of different Ā«modulesĀ». These modules, developed by the Perceval IT staff, each fulfill a specific functionality and their parameters can be tuned to suit the exact needs of each client. With this type of architecture it is possible to add new functionalities to the system as the need arises. It was therefore very easy to enhance the Zeta internet site with an online reservation tool capable of exchanging information with the Zeta premises management system. In the future Zeta will just as easily be able to add an invoicing and online payment module.