Safe remote backup

How can I have access to a regularly updated copy of my data outside of my own premises?

All the information necessary for the operational and financial management of the Beta company is stored on its servers. The Beta IT staff carry out regular backups, but the company management would also like to have a copy of its files in another place.

Type of client

Any business

What can Perceval offer?

Perceval offers a secure remote backup solution. The files are copied remotely via a secure connection (VPN): the information is encrypted as it leaves the company servers and is stored in the encrypted format on the Perceval servers. The Perceval IT system «synchronizes» at regular intervals with the company servers; it compares the files that it already has with those of the company and copies those that have changed. This means that Beta has a permanent secure copy of its entire IT system with Perceval that is regulary updated. This copy can be retrieved quickly and reloaded onto the local servers if necessary.